Canvacord allows you to easily generate custom images using React and tailwindcss-like syntax.

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Why choose canvacord?

React-like Syntax for Image Creation

Canvacord allows developers to create images using syntax inspired by React, providing a familiar and expressive way to design and customize graphics.

Tailwind CSS-style Class Names

Developers can style their generated images using class names inspired by Tailwind CSS, facilitating a straightforward and efficient approach to designing visuals with ease.

Node.js Environment Compatibility

Canvacord is designed to run in a Node.js environment, allowing developers to leverage its image generation capabilities on the server side for efficient and scalable processing.

Canvas API Image Manipulation

Canvacord supports image manipulation using the Canvas API, backed by @napi-rs/canvas. This enables developers to utilize the powerful features of the Canvas API for precise and sophisticated image editing.

Developer-Friendly API

Canvacord offers a developer-friendly API that simplifies the image generation process. With clear documentation and easy-to-understand methods, developers can quickly integrate Canvacord into their Node.js projects for efficient image creation.

Extensive Font Support

Canvacord provides extensive font support, allowing developers to enhance text elements in their generated images with a wide range of fonts, styles, and sizes.

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